Value Tool for Natural Hazards

Quick overview

The Value Tool for Natural Hazards is structured around three general themes: health, environmental and social. Each theme includes a series of specific categories, which can be used to facilitate a more nuanced value selection:

  • Health includes physical health and mental health.
  • Environmental includes ecosystems and water quality.
  • Social includes recreation, amenity and safety, cultural heritage, social disruption, protection of memorabilia, and animal welfare. 

More information about each theme and how these are calculated can be found in the Guidelines: Value Tool for Natural Hazards

The following steps outline how to use the Value Tool for Natural Hazards:

  1. Choosing a year: When selecting a year, note that a Consumer Price Index (CPI) ratio is applied dynamically to calculate the willingness to pay (WTP) dollar values for that year, taking into account the year that the original reference study was published.
  2. Choosing a value: Once you have set the year, you can scan a list of WTP value types. Clicking a value will display all the WTP metrics that are relevant to that value type.
  3. Export data: You can then select to export one or more WTP metrics as a CSV file. This will include a range of data related to the metric, as well as a citation for the original study. 
  4. Browse references: All reference works for the WTP metrics are collected in a reference table that you can browse by date, author, etc.
  5. Acronyms and details: See Notes and Downloads page for a list of acronyms and criteria for study quality ratings.

There is also a downloadable version of the entire dataset, as well as guidelines that should be read in conjunction with the use of the Value Tool For Natural Hazards. You can access these through the Notes and Downloads page.

Ready to go?

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