DDR Dataspace


This facility is provided to give a simple and fast method to access the Inquiry and Recommendations data. The assumption is that for quick queries, the Preview and Filter screens here will be sufficient. More involved research will be best served by downloading the data and using desktop tools.

    Explore Inquiries with Recommendations

    Use a simple [facet/filter interface to explore] the *subset* of inquiries that have recommendations recorded in this dataset. All of these recommendations have been coded with values from the Disaster Inquiry Recommendations Taxonomy.

    Currently, this interface looks across all 4,000+ recommendations associated with 186 Inquiries from 2003-2023.

    All Inquiries

    The [All Inquiries] link opens a tabular format with click-sort headings.

    This interface looks across all 300+ Inquiries recorded from 1886-2023.

    All Recommendations

    The [All Recommendations] interface is a tabular variation on the Explore interface. It displays the full text and code/subcodes of all 4,000+ recommendations in the dataset.

    Download Data

    Access the [Downloads] menu for more explanation and to download:

    • All Inquiries (CSV)
    • All Recommendations (CSV)
    • Classification Codes (PDF)

    Note about Versions

    Please note that this data is maintained on a regular basis. Each time an Inquiry is added or edited the dataset is assigned a new version number.

    For this reason, when you visit the site again, you may be asked to re-confirm the Terms & Conditions. This allows us to keep a current record of the match between users and the version of the dataset.