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The Firepedia aims to provide canonical definitions and authoritative research that defines the typology of Fire Phenomena, including “fire behaviours” and “extreme fire behaviours”.

The facility will provide value to researchers, policy makers, commentators, and the general public. There is a particular goal of supporting experts involved with fire modelling.

The content of the facility will need to be guided by a Domain Expert Committee who convene to decide on matters related to canon. The website facility will be managed technically through the BNHCRC comms team.

The corpus of knowledge related to the Firepedia typology is dynamic. New research findings are expected to influence the typology, triggering merges, splits, and grouping. This implies the need for two compensating mechanisms: end-user confidence and database flexibility:

  • End users need to be confident that the Firepedia typology takes account of current consensus. Firepedia will address this by providing a robust change-log facility. Each new revision of a definition can be explained in summary and detail on a template. The template allows for relations to publications, people, and dates: all of this gives the end user a clear idea of how, when, and why changes to the definition have been made.
  • As new terms are introduced, old terms are retired or merged, and term names are tweaked,  the maintainers of the facility need to be able to map references to entities accordingly. The data structure will take account of this dynamic tendency within the reasonable limits of standard object-oriented database design. It is expected that some level of expert assistance may be required in complex situations.

(Temp list of Fire Phenom)

Name Fire behaviour Class Canonical Image
Eruptive Fires Eruptive fire (photo: BNHCRC)