The Commission consider that in all mines where gas exists the course of the air should be directed to sweep along the working-faces; in mines worked by Pillar and Stall, bratticing must be resorted to to carry the gas from the face as it issues, and so prevent any accumulation of explosive gases or of gases inimical to life. In cases where gas exists it would be better that no bords should be broken off the back or return heading or supplied with air fouled by dangerous gases. The panel system of working by confining and localising districts, or some modification thereof, might be pursued with advantage.
Of all known systems of mining, Longwall, by supplying a strong sweeping ventilation along the face of the workings, offers the best security to the miner. A modification of the Pillar and Stall (say the "wicket system") may, under certain circumstances and conditions, secure perfect ventilation of the face without the use of brattice (which is liable to injury), but it is very doubtful how far such modification could be permitted under the provisions of the present Coal Mines Regulation Act. This Act evidently only anticipated one system of mining.

Recommendation 1