The State Bushfire Coordination Committee will have the following members with experience in bushfire management:
- The Chief Officer, SACFS, who is the Chairperson;
- An officer of the SA Metropolitan Fire Service;
- An officer from Forestry SA;An officer of the Department of Environment and Heritage;
- A person from the Local Government Association of South Australia;
- A person from the Farmers Federation of South Australia;
- An officer of Planning SA with bushfire-prone areas development experience;
- A person from the Conservation Council of South Australia;
- A person from the Natural Resource Management Council;
- An officer of SA Water;
- A person from the Outback Areas Community Development Trust;
- A SACFS officer who is a volunteer, nominated by the Volunteer Fire Brigades Association;
- An officer from the Department for Transport and Infrastructure;
- An officer from SA Police;
- An Executive Officer from the SA Country Fire Service.
- Planning SA, Natural Resource Management Council,

Recommendation 7