The Committee recommends that the Australian Government request the Productivity Commission to undertake an inquiry into the projected impacts of climate change and related insurance matters, with a particular focus on:
- insurance coverage of coastal properties, given the concentration of Australia’s population and infrastructure along the coast
- estimates of the value of properties potentially exposed to this risk
- insurance affordability, availability and uptake
- existing and emerging gaps in insurance coverage, with a particular focus on coverage of coastal risks such as storm surge/inundation, landslip/erosion and sea level rise (including the combined effects of sea inundation and riverine flooding)
- the need for a clear definition of the circumstances under which an insurance claim is payable due to storm surge/inundation, landslip/erosion and sea level rise, as well as due to permanent submersion of some or all of the land
- the possibility of a government instrument that prohibits continued occupation of the land or future building development on the property due to sea hazard
- gaps in the information needed to properly assess insurance risk and availability of nationally consistent data on climate change risks
- examining the key actions for governments proposed by the Insurance Council of Australia and the Insurance Australia Group in their submissions to this inquiry
- possible responses to a withdrawal of insurance for certain risks or regions, noting the increased burden this could place on government and taxpayers

Recommendation 19