Streamlined processes to enable access to levees for the purposes of conducting works, including maintenance, must be implemented. Where a levee is managed by a public authority as part of a formal scheme, and is sited on either private land, or on a mixture of public and private land, access to private land for works will be negotiated as part of any scheme agreement. Where a levee is sited on public land, but is not managed by a public authority, local beneficiaries willing to conduct maintenance will be given access to do so, provided:
• the public land manager and beneficiaries reach agreement on types of access and upgrading or maintenance works to be performed, and the limits to such access; and
• the land manager consults with the floodplain manager to ensure reasonable standards are adhered to – modification of the levee will require a permit.
If required, legislation, such as the National Parks Act 1975, be amended to allow access to public lands by local landholders.

Recommendation 6