Improvements to installation to be implemented as follows: - Lighting within the generator enclosure and immediately adjacent to be emergency battery-backed type. - Improvements to the spatial layout within the main generator enclosure should be investigated, including allowance for the control panel door to open 180o (only 90o currently); moving the fuel pumps to a more accessible location, and ensuring clear access to the day tank for manual filling if required. - Improvements to communications facilities between critical areas, including fixed phone line connections between the main control room, main generator control panel in the P (energy) Building, and the generator enclosure, and allowing link to offsite specialist advice. - Where generator maintenance requires operations outdoors (not applicable to main generator, but applicable to others), a shelter over the relevant area should be provided to allow safe work during wet or hot weather. - Written emergency procedures to be prepared covering credible failure scenarios with step by step checklists and recommended actions.

Recommendation 4