Responding to Major Bushfires
D.D.R. Pearson, Auditor General

Recommendations for this Inquiry

INQ-ref REC-UID CODE SubCode SrcNUM Recommendation
INQ113 REC113-3902 C - Response 14 - Incident Mgt Teams Recommendation 1

Government should: establish a State-wide command structure across volunteer Bush Fire Brigades for fighting major bushfires, to more effectively manage the coordination of personnel and resources

INQ113 REC113-3903 E - Agency Organisation 32 - Doctrine, standards, and reform Recommendation 2

Government should: establish emergency management legislation which clarifies State and local government responsibilities, and which rectifies the deficiencies in the State’s bushfire Emergency Management Plan, Westplan Wildfire.

INQ113 REC113-3904 B - Preparedness 39 - Disaster Risk Management Recommendation 3

FESA should: in addition to its current initiatives, develop and implement structured programs (with clearly identified objectives, target groups and time lines for achievement) aimed at:
- increasing the level of adoption of AIIMS by local governments and volunteer Bush Fire Brigades

INQ113 REC113-3905 E - Agency Organisation 16 - Training and behaviour Recommendation 4

Firefighting organisations should: address their key training and development issues

INQ113 REC113-3906 B - Preparedness 10 - Infrastructure Recommendation 5

Firefighting organisations should: resolve existing telecommunication problems and work with other emergency service organisations to establish compatible telecommunications systems.