Inquiry into the Administration of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and related matters
Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport

Recommendations for this Inquiry

INQ-ref REC-UID CODE SubCode SrcNUM Recommendation
INQ146 REC146-3191 A - Responsibility 21 - Role of Commonwealth Government Recommendation 1

The committee recommends the Australian Government strengthen CASA's governance framework and administrative capability by:
• introducing a small board of up to five members to provide enhanced oversight and strategic direction for CASA; and

INQ146 REC146-3192 E - Agency Organisation 32 - Doctrine, standards, and reform Recommendation 2

The committee recommends, in accordance with the findings of the Hawke Taskforce, that CASA's Regulatory Reform Program be brought to a conclusion as quickly as possible to provide certainty to industry and to ensure CASA and industry are ready to address future safety challenges.

INQ146 REC146-3193 A - Responsibility 25 - Inquiry, audit, lessons management and after action review Recommendation 3

The committee recommends that the Australian National Audit Office audit CASA's implementation and administration of its Safety Management Systems approach.