Recommendations for this Inquiry

INQ-ref REC-UID CODE SubCode SrcNUM Recommendation
INQ279 REC279-1227 E - Agency Organisation 36 - Volunteers 1

Improve Analysis and Reporting: By December 2014, improve analysis and reporting on management information about volunteers, including: a) numbers, contribution, skills, profile, availability and turnover b) reasons for joining and leaving c) gaps in data completeness and quality This should enab

INQ279 REC279-1228 E - Agency Organisation 36 - Volunteers 2

Volunteer Workforce Plan: By December 2014, develop a volunteer workforce plan to focus resources for recruitment and retention on areas of greatest need.

INQ279 REC279-1229 E - Agency Organisation 12 - EM agency and authority 3

Recruitment Guidelines and Resources: By April 2015, update its recruitment guidelines and resources, and support units in better targeting recruitment

INQ279 REC279-1230 E - Agency Organisation 36 - Volunteers 4

Volunteer Retention: By April 2015, develop strategies and resources to improve volunteer retention, including: a) induction and development of leaders b) health checks for units to identify and address areas for improvement c) pathways for volunteers to take on greater responsibility d) consulta

INQ279 REC279-1231 E - Agency Organisation 16 - Training and behaviour 5

Training Strategy: By April 2015, develop a training strategy that identifies volunteer training priorities and provides for ongoing review to ensure operational currency, flexibility of delivery and evaluation

INQ279 REC279-1232 E - Agency Organisation 16 - Training and behaviour 6

Volunteer Charter: by December 2014, agree a charter with volunteers that clarifies roles and expectations including commitments by: a) SES to support volunteers to prepare for and respond to emergencies b) SES to make the best use of volunteers’ time by introducing user-friendly systems and redu