Recommendations for this Inquiry

INQ-ref REC-UID CODE SubCode SrcNUM Recommendation
INQ281 REC281-1201 A - Responsibility 25 - Inquiry, audit, lessons management and after action review Recommendation 1

Preventing Flood Related Fatalities: The NSW Government consider the recommendations from the Preventing Flood Related Fatalities Report when it is released.

INQ281 REC281-1202 F - Research and technology 13 - Mapping and data quality Recommendation 2

Impact Assessment Data Collection: The Office of Emergency Management continues to progress the Impact Assessment Data Collection Project and: · incorporate recovery schema in Rapid Impact Assessments · review procedures for collection of Rapid Impact Assessment Data · review and combine current

INQ281 REC281-1203 A - Responsibility 22 - Role of local Gvt Recommendation 3

Impact Assessment Data Sharing The Office of Emergency Management: · with the SEOCON, jointly provides further guidance to Regional Emergency Management Officers about their role in facilitating local council access to the Impact Assessment Data Base · with REMOs and the SEOCON jointly provides f

INQ281 REC281-1204 D - Recovery 33 - Relief and recovery Recommendation 4

Transition from Response to Recovery That the Office of Emergency Management, in consultation with the NSW Police Force Emergency Management Unit develops a template for handover of the Response to Recovery Phase of an emergency.

INQ281 REC281-1205 E - Agency Organisation 16 - Training and behaviour Recommendation 5

Department of Premier and Cabinet Regional Coordinators: Continue to build the capability of the Department of Premier and Cabinet Regional Coordinator role in recovery operations by providing: · on the ground support for Regional Coordinators during recovery operations by REMOs or OEM Recovery T

INQ281 REC281-1206 D - Recovery 33 - Relief and recovery Recommendation 6

Transition from Response to Recovery: That Region Emergency Management Committees meet post event to: · consider available impact data · determine the need to establish a Recovery Committee · document the rationale for the decision · advise the Office of Emergency Management of the decision.

INQ281 REC281-1207 D - Recovery 33 - Relief and recovery Recommendation 7

Communicating in Recovery: The Office of Emergency Management: · considers the development of a communications and engagement strategy for major disaster events · progresses the development of the ‘Communicating In Recovery’ Guideline in the Local Recovery Toolkit.