Recommendations for this Inquiry

INQ-ref REC-UID CODE SubCode SrcNUM Recommendation
INQ299 REC299-1337 A - Responsibility 19 - Offences Recommendation 1

The Government should:
(a) provide additional support to the Gippsland Arson Prevention Program; and
(b) support the establishment of arson prevention programs of this type in other bushfire‑prone regions within Victoria, and involve both community and government agencies.

INQ299 REC299-1348 B - Preparedness 4 - Fire season preparation Recommendation 12

In keeping with the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission’s findings and recommendations, human life has primacy in bushfire‑related regulations and it is important that this is maintained in the implementation of bushfire management overlays and relevant vegetation removal exemptions should refle

INQ299 REC299-1347 B - Preparedness 5 - Hazard reduction burns Recommendation 11

In order to manage a reduced time window available to undertake the current types of planned burns, alternative methods, including the indigenous mosaic ‘cool’ burns, should be examined and trialled as they may extend the period in which planned burns can be undertaken while reducing overall risk

INQ299 REC299-1346 F - Research and technology 26 - Research Recommendation 10

DELWP and its partner agencies, in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services, should undertake research into the specific effects on health of people affected by planned burns and the information should be made public.

INQ299 REC299-1345 E - Agency Organisation 36 - Volunteers Recommendation 8

That issues of animal welfare be given a higher practical priority in the planned burning process on the ground, including:

INQ299 REC299-1344 A - Responsibility 25 - Inquiry, audit, lessons management and after action review Recommendation 8

That a review of the cross‑tenure approach be undertaken to determine its effectiveness and to address issues that arise in fire prevention on private and public land.

INQ299 REC299-1343 A - Responsibility 25 - Inquiry, audit, lessons management and after action review Recommendation 7

That the Government conduct a review of fire prevention

INQ299 REC299-1342 D - Recovery 6 - Insurance and legal liability Recommendation 6

That fire managers responsible for planned burns be
indemnified against any and all actions in the event of damage caused by an escape of the planned burn, on the basis of a ‘good faith’ test.

INQ299 REC299-1341 B - Preparedness 5 - Hazard reduction burns Recommendation 5

That in conjunction with a risk‑based approach, a minimum hectare target is also maintained that can be measured and compared. This minimum target should not be below the 5% target established by the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission.

INQ299 REC299-1340 F - Research and technology 26 - Research Recommendation 4

That any such pilot program ought to be managed by the relevant indigenous organisations, with support provided by DELWP and its partner agencies and the development and the evaluation of any pilot program should be overseen by an independent and reputable academic or research institution.

INQ299 REC299-1339 F - Research and technology 26 - Research Recommendation 3

That Government provide support in the form of funding for the Return to the Firestick project, and that a formal pilot scheme be established where data can be collected, collated and analysed and the effectiveness of this approach be compared against current burning practices.

INQ299 REC299-1338 A - Responsibility 19 - Offences Recommendation 2

The Government introduce an amendment to the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 or other instruments which imposes significant penalties and strengthens enforcement, including via infringement notices, for offences against Total Fire Ban requirements before the 2017‑2018 fire season.