Recommendations for this Inquiry

INQ-ref REC-UID CODE SubCode SrcNUM Recommendation
INQ308 REC308-2449 A - Responsibility 25 - Inquiry, audit, lessons management and after action review Recommendation 1

Queensland should implement and maintain a system-wide lesson management program.

INQ308 REC308-2465 E - Agency Organisation 29 - Operational Health and Safety Recommendation 17

Fatigue management strategies and guidance should be improved to ensure sustainable staffing practices are incorporated into disaster management planning.

INQ308 REC308-2464 E - Agency Organisation 16 - Training and behaviour Recommendation 16

The provision of system-wide education, guidance and testing to enhance requests for Assistance is strengthened.

INQ308 REC308-2463 D - Recovery 6 - Insurance and legal liability Recommendation 15

Principles, applicable to all tourist budgets, covering liabilities for costs and shelter in the event of evacuation should be developed and promulgated as part of tourism marketing.

INQ308 REC308-2462 C - Response 11 - Evacuation and shelters Recommendation 14

Relevant authorities should work with the tourism sector to clarify future arrangements for evacuation. In particular they should look closely at differentiating voluntary and directed evacuations in their messaging,

INQ308 REC308-2461 A - Responsibility 24 - Govt responsibility Recommendation 13

A strategy should be developed between the key tourism and transport operators, and local and state government. It should address the arrival of visitors and tourists after a disaster, and should ensure that their arrival matches communities’ needs for recovery and return to normal business.

INQ308 REC308-2460 C - Response 11 - Evacuation and shelters Recommendation 12

The Queensland Chief Health Officer should work with the Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management to raise, with the Commonwealth, the need for all aged care providers to plan and exercise for evacuation to a similar safe establishment.

INQ308 REC308-2459 C - Response 14 - Incident Mgt Teams Recommendation 11

Significant effort should be invested to provide disaster decision-makers at every level with a shared understanding of risks, the situation, and capability, so that they can agree on the best decisions for the communities they serve. 

INQ308 REC308-2458 B - Preparedness 39 - Disaster Risk Management Recommendation 10

A strategy should be developed to improve the availability of information to decision-makers and other audiences. Information should be searchable, more specific, timely, and allow stake-holders to find what they want.

INQ308 REC308-2457 C - Response 8 - Communications and warnings Recommendation 9

Efforts are made to improve the timeliness, accuracy and targeting of Emergency Alert messaging by:
 • educating the sector about how Emergency Alert works in detail, and involving them in its testing.

INQ308 REC308-2456 A - Responsibility 22 - Role of local Gvt Recommendation 8

A Local Government Association of Queensland representative should be included on the Crisis Communications Network to enhance the delivery of consistent information across and between levels of government.

INQ308 REC308-2455 E - Agency Organisation 32 - Doctrine, standards, and reform Recommendation 7

The Queensland Offers of Assistance Policy, particularly for corporate donations, should be updated and exercised prior to the next season. 

INQ308 REC308-2454 B - Preparedness 10 - Infrastructure Recommendation 6

Local disaster management groups should focus on the business continuity of local critical infrastructure and its integration with other plans.

INQ308 REC308-2453 E - Agency Organisation 32 - Doctrine, standards, and reform Recommendation 5

Business continuity planning should feature permanently in disaster management doctrine.

INQ308 REC308-2452 B - Preparedness 39 - Disaster Risk Management Recommendation 4

Planning and warnings for storm tide should be based on modelling that shows the chances of an event occurring (probabilistic).

INQ308 REC308-2451 F - Research and technology 17 - Assets and technology Recommendation 3

Queensland should examine the feasibility of the installation of storm tide markers in prominent public places and the exploration of new technology to highlight storm tide risk to the community and its visitors. 

INQ308 REC308-2450 F - Research and technology 17 - Assets and technology Recommendation 2

The operation and maintenance of flood gauges should be developed and planned for on a catchment basis.

INQ308 REC308-2466 B - Preparedness 41 - Emergency Management exercises Recommendation 18

Exercising should focus on vertical integration and include all levels of the system. A strategic program of exercises should be developed and implemented.