Independent review into the 2019/2020 bushfire season

Recommendations for this Inquiry

INQ-ref REC-UID CODE SubCode SrcNUM Recommendation
INQ314 REC314-3259 E - Agency Organisation 32 - Doctrine, standards, and reform Recommendation 1

Implement previous review recommendations for bushfire management including those relating to the 2009 amendments to the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005, State Bushfire Coordination Committee operation, State Bushfire Management Plan, as well as urgent completion of Codes of Practice for fue

INQ314 REC314-3272 B - Preparedness 10 - Electricity infrastructure Recommendation 14

Clarify business continuity and restoration of critical infrastructure in the planning and response phases to facilitate water replenishment, fireground remediation and access to businesses (including farming properties).

INQ314 REC314-3271 C - Response 8 - Communications and warnings Recommendation 13

Better coordinate public information and warnings including evacuation plans and provide a single source of information about, the location and direction of fires, how and when to use Safer Places, Places of Last Resort, relief and recovery centres and directed evacuations.

INQ314 REC314-3270 F - Research and technology 17 - Assets and technology Recommendation 12

Review the use of aviation assets including facilities to operate them given the increased pressure from extended fire seasons on northern and southern hemisphere resources.

INQ314 REC314-3269 E - Agency Organisation 32 - Doctrine, standards, and reform Recommendation 11

Develop and practice procedures for the CFS, DEW and local governments to access and deploy heavy plant and machinery for fuel reduction operations both before and during bushfires.

INQ314 REC314-3268 E - Agency Organisation 12 - EM agency and authority Recommendation 10

Incorporate Farm Firefighting Units (FFUs) into the Australasian Inter Service Incident Management System (AIIMS) so that IMTs are aware of their presence on the fireground and their welfare and risks are understood.

INQ314 REC314-3267 E - Agency Organisation 16 - Training and behaviour Recommendation 9

Invest in fireground leadership and incident management training for CFS, SES and MFS personnel to improve safety on the fireground.

INQ314 REC314-3266 C - Response 14 - Incident Mgt Teams Recommendation 8

Engage with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) once or twice a year to understand the capabilities that could potentially be deployed. Educate IMTs about how to deploy ADF assistance effectively and develop a streamlined ‘call out’ procedure.

INQ314 REC314-3265 C - Response 14 - Incident Mgt Teams Recommendation 7

Prepare to ‘scale up’ capability during major bushfire events with senior representatives (including BoM staff) in the SEC 24/7, ensure adequate facilities for IMTs, base camps (e.g. Humanihuts) and recovery centres.

INQ314 REC314-3264 D - Recovery 6 - Insurance and legal liability Recommendation 6

Consider removing stamp duty from home insurance to encourage a wider section of the community to take out insurance. South Australian government agencies should share their risk modelling data with the Insurance Council of Australia.

INQ314 REC314-3263 B - Preparedness 4 - Fire season preparation Recommendation 5

Clarify and streamline processes and educate the community about their roles and responsibilities in managing native vegetation to improve hazard reduction on both public and private land.

INQ314 REC314-3262 B - Preparedness 10 - Electricity infrastructure Recommendation 4

Invest in upgrading and integrating ICT platforms to eliminate manual data transfers, and ensure IT and radio communication interoperability across the agencies, together with a dedicated focus on the development of a coordinated risk intelligence capability to provide all stakeholders with a com

INQ314 REC314-3261 A - Responsibility 24 - Govt responsibility Recommendation 3

Consider amending the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 to align SAFECOM Board operations with accepted governance standards with the Minister appointing an Independent Chair of the SAFECOM Board.

INQ314 REC314-3260 E - Agency Organisation 32 - Doctrine, standards, and reform Recommendation 2

Align risk assessment tools and processes to Risk Management Standard ISO 31000 and the National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (NERAG) and communicate these on public-facing platforms.

INQ314 REC314-3273 F - Research and technology 26 - Research Recommendation 15

Collate data and research the impact of bushfires upon communities, firefighters and animals (both native and domestic) to identify appropriate medium and long-term welfare and support requirements.