As part of its review of its contract management processes, Tourism WA (with the Board of Tourism WA taking a lead role) should amend its contract template for event sponsorship to ensure that:
- Tourism WA is provided with all relevant insurance policies and schedules prior to a sponsorship agreement being signed.
- All relevant insurance policies and schedules are lodged with Tourism WA by the time a sponsorship agreement is signed.
- Tourism WA retain the right to provide any information regarding the insurance policies and schedules to any parties involved in the event.
- Organisers provide independent verification of policies being Australian‐based and approved by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.
- Tourism WA retains the right to verify the status of the policies with the organiser’s insurer at any time throughout the contract period.
- Organisers submit to a clause allowing any claims against them by injured parties to be undertaken and enforceable in the state of Western Australia, and Tourism WA withdraws any offer of sponsorship if an organiser is not prepared to comply with this condition.

Recommendation 4